Composites Capabilities

Facility & Equipment

  • Isolated HVAC, climate controlled layup areas.
  • Sub-zero, walk-in freezers.
  • CNC Plycutter for precise and consistent cutting of materials for prototype and large production quantities.
  • Walk in convection ovens for Out Of Autoclave curing.
LayupMay 2016.JPG

Process Management

  • Out time monitoring and recording of temperature sensitive materials.
  • Temperature and humidity continuous monitoring and recording on freezer, ovens, and layup area.
  • Lot number control of raw materials throughout the process.
  • Quality Management System to control monitor and continuously improve processes.

Materials & Processes

  • Fiberglass, carbon fiber and other composite fabrics.
  • Prepreg and wet layup material capabilities.
  • Machined foam and honeycomb cores.
  • Custom designed and machined mold tools through our in house engineering department and CNC machining centers.
  • High pressure bladder molding of hollow 3D structures.