Flying S is primarily an engineering company, creating complete manufacturing solutions for various customers within the aviation and aerospace industry. Their engineering team is supported by an extensive CNC machine shop and carbon fiber composite lab. The ability for prototypes to become production hardware under one roof makes engineering and fabricating solutions rapid.

Owners David and Penny Shaw started the business in 2001 after moving into a “hangar barn home” they built themselves. Having gained valuable work experiences at Cessna, Scaled Composites and Adam Aircraft, they returned to the family farm in Crawford County, Illinois. Initially the business began as an engineering consultancy, but soon David wanted the ability to fabricate designs. Starting small in the hangar portion of their home they hired a small crew to build and assemble a UAV landing gear. With new projects, including some from NASA, slowly but surely, Flying S outgrew the hangar barn, and in 2012 the team of 15 moved into a new facility across the road. 

The Flying S team now comprises around 50 members from a variety of industries. They all share a dedication to craftsmanship, an attention to detail and take pride in hard work. They are patriots who love working for their country's best interests and understand how crucial it is to have a thriving local economy.

In the summer of 2016 a new building expansion was completed to give the team more room to grow.    

Side note: One of the things that makes Flying S rather unique is their location in rural Illinois on a farm where the Shaw family has lived since the 1700s. How many aerospace engineers enjoy below cost organic beef and chicken as part of their benefits package? 

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