Assembly Capabilities

Facility & Equipment

  • Isolated HVAC, climate controlled, assembly area.
  • Large capacity downdraft tables for trimming and bodywork of parts and assemblies.
  • Semi downdraft paint booth and HVLP spray equipment for applying primer and top coats.
  • Continuously monitored ESD stations for assembly of sensitive electronic components.

Materials & Processes

  • Assembly of composite and metallic components using a variety of adhesives and mechanical fasteners.
  • Custom precision fixturing enabled by the capabilities of our in house engineering department and CNC machine centers.
  • CNC trimming of components and assemblies using mechanical or vacuum fixturing.
  • Detailed inspection of components and assemblies using CMM and 3DGage measuring arm as well as the ability to make custom inspection fixtures and gauges.
  • Electronic component assemblies done at ESD stations with IPC certified specialists.
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Process Management

  • Shelf life management program for all adhesives and coatings.
  • Lot/serial number control of raw materials and components throughout the process.
  • Quality Management System to control, monitor and continuously improve processes.